6 April 2018

‘Should we give up meat to save the planet?’

Isabel Fletcher will run this session during The Edinburgh Science Festival.

Our food systems are a major cause of environmental damage, linked to greenhouse gas emissions, loss of biodiversity and deforestation. Researchers and policymakers are encouraging us to adopt sustainable diets, but how do we make the right choices? And should we – as suggested by recently published guidelines in Sweden and the Netherlands – be reducing meat and dairy as these have the greatest environmental impact? Or should we be supporting our farmers because, in the UK, livestock production is such an important part of our economy? Join us for presentations, discussion and a selection of sustainable snacks.

2 February 2018

Liminal Spaces Workshop: Regulating for Uncertainty: Wellcome, London. Read report

26‐27 January 2017

‘Governing Health Research from Within: Empowering the Actors Who Occupy Regulatory Spaces’: Wellcome, London. Read report

24 March 2016

MI Lunch: ‘Hello from the other side: tales from the tribunal’ – Regulating healthcare professionals and the public interest Speaker(s): Annie Sorbie