Nayha Sethi

Sethi, NayhaNayha is socio-legal research fellow on the Wellcome Trust funded project ‘Confronting the Liminal Spaces of Health Research Regulation’. Her research centres on the theme of ‘Regulating for Uncertainty’ which falls under the ’empty spaces’ component of the Liminal Spaces Framework. She is currently exploring the relationships between standard and experimental treatments and the implications of perpetuating and collapsing current distinctions between the two.

Nayha’s interests and expertise lie in health research regulation and in particular, she is interested in the interface between medicine, ethics and the law. She has taught Fundamentals in Medical Jurisprudence at Honours and Masters level and Health Research Commercialisation. She is Deputy Director of the Mason Institute and particularly interested in interdisciplinary collaborations.

Nayha graduated with her LLB (Common and Civil Law with French) from Queens University Belfast in 2008, she then obtained her LLM in Law from the University of Edinburgh in 2009 and her PhD in Law in 2016, also from the University of Edinburgh. Her doctrinal thesis drew upon legal theory and bioethics, and focussed on decision-making in health research regulation. Nayha was a Research Fellow on the Information Governance Work Stream of SHIP (Scottish Health Informatics Programme) funded by the Wellcome Trust. She was also a Research Fellow on the information governance stream of the UK-Wide Health electronic Research Centres (HeRC) project, the Farr Institute, funded by the MRC. Both projects dealt with the ethical, legal and social implications involved in secondary uses of (health) data for research and understanding how these can be governed in order to facilitate important research in the public interest whilst safeguarding important interests including privacy.