Isabel Fletcher

Dr Isabel Fletcher is a medical sociologist currently working with Professor Graeme Laurie on the Wellcome Trust funded Liminal Spaces Project. Her interest in food policy, the history of nutrition and ideas about healthy eating partly developed out of an earlier career in the food industry working in restaurant kitchens and running a vegetarian café/catering business.

Isabel’s interdisciplinary research focuses the interactions between nutrition research and public health policy. Her PhD spanned medical sociology, public health policy and the history of medicine to give an account of how, since the 1990s, excess bodyweight has come to be seen as an important problem for global public health.

Subsequently she has worked on food security policy at the University of Edinburgh’s ESRC Innogen Centre and commercial actors’ understandings of public health regulation at the University’s Global Public Health Unit. As part of the Liminal Spaces Project she will be using the case study of sustainable eating to examine new linkages between nutrition and environment policy.

She is also co-convenor of the interdisciplinary network Food Researchers in Edinburgh (FRIED) and currently coordinates the network’s seminar series.