Graeme Laurie

Graeme Laurie (high res TIFF for publications)Graeme Laurie is Principal Investigator on the Liminal Spaces project and holds the Chair of Medical Jurisprudence in the School of Law, University of Edinburgh. His background is in medical law and ethics, with particular interests in privacy, confidentiality, and regulatory responses to advances in medicine and life sciences. The Liminal Spaces project grew from Graeme’s long-standing interdisciplinary collaborations with medics, geneticists, data scientists, social scientists, and policy and law-makers all of whom have struggled with how law and regulation can better respond to developments in biomedicine. On the Liminal Spaces project, Graeme is particularly interested in a ‘whole system approach’ to regulation, that is the investigation of models and practices of governance and regulation that can apply across and between different sectors of biomedicine. This can relate to patient involvement in a range of innovation practices, data or tissue research, the roles and limits of regulatory tools such as consent and anonymisation, and the importance of securing social licence and support for biomedical research.

Graeme’s “research in a nutshell” on Privacy and Research.

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