Welcome to Samuel Taylor-Alexander and Edward Dove

Image of Samuel Taylor-Alexander and Edward Dove

We are pleased to welcome on-board Dr Samuel Taylor-Alexander as Senior Research Fellow in Medical Anthropology and Edward (Ted) Dove as the Liminal Spaces PhD candidate.

Sam is conducting a study called “Regulation in Action: Doing and Experiencing Rare Diseases in the UK” in which he examines how health research policy influences quotidian experiences and decision making in domestic, clinical, and laboratory settings. In highlighting the spaces where regulation works, he aims to bring into relief the gaps and fissures between policy aims and policy function, allowing for a broader examination of regulatory function and a reassessment of current approaches to research governance.

For his PhD on the Liminal Spaces project, Ted will trace consent as a regulatory artefact in the assemblage of biomedical research expertise, and think through the ways in which we can move beyond the arguably narrow paradigm and clogged regulatory spaces in which consent operates.

We are also excited to have Katy McMillan continuing on with the project as a PhD candidate, and she will focus on the regulation of reproductive technologies in the UK. She aims to employ the concept of liminality (for example, in the context of embryos as an entity in early stages of life) to explore whether a more appropriate regulatory structure could/should be devised in order to facilitate further reproductive freedom.

Also joining the project later in the year will be a Research Fellow in Medical Sociology, a Research Associate in Socio-legal Studies, and a PhD candidate to explore public engagement exercises in health research regulation. Please contact Prof Graeme Laurie with any enquires about these roles.