Journal Articles


‘Charting regulatory stewardship in health research: Making the invisible visible?’
Graeme Laurie, Edward S. Dove, Isabel Fletcher, Agomoni Ganguli-Mitra, Catriona McMillan, Nayha Sethi, Annie Sorbie, (2018) In: Cambridge quarterly of healthcare ethics, Vol 27, pp 333-347


Beyond Individualism: Is There a Place for Relational Autonomy in Clinical Practice and Research?
Dove E.S., Kelly S.E., Lucivero F., Machirori M., Dheensa S., Prainsack B. In: Clinical Ethics (2017, in press). DOI: 10.1177/1477750917704156

Charting regulatory stewardship in health research: Making the invisible visible?
Ganguli-Mitra, A., Laurie, G., Dove, E.S., Fletcher, I., Sethi, N., Sorbie, A. & McMillan, C. Jul 2017 In : Cambridge quarterly of healthcare ethics

Liminality and the limits of law in health research regulation: What are we missing in the spaces in-between?
Laurie, G. 2017 In : Medical Law Review. 251p. 47-72 26 p.

Reconfiguring social value in health research through the lens of liminality
Ganguli Mitra, A., Dove, E.S., Laurie, G. & Taylor-Alexander, S. Feb 2017 In : Bioethics. p. 87-96

When Can the Child Speak for Herself? The Limits of Parental Consent in Data Protection Law for Health Research
Mark J Taylor Edward S Dove Graeme Laurie David Townend; NOv 2017 In: Medical Law Review.


ABC v St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust and Others: Should There be a Right to be Informed about a Family Member’s Genetic Disorder?
Dove E.S.  In: Law and the Human Genome Review 2016; 44(1): 91–112

Beyond regulatory compression: Confronting the liminal spaces of health research regulation
Taylor-Alexander, S., Dove, E.S., Ganguli Mitra, A., Laurie, G., Fletcher, I. & McMillan, C. Dec 2016 In : Law, Innovation and Technology. 82p. 149-176 27 p.

Elberte v. Latvia: Whose tissue is it anyway ? Relational autonomy or the autonomy of relations?
Dove, E.S., Ganguli Mitra, A., Laurie, G.T., McMillan, C., & Taylor-Alexander, S. 2016 In : Medical Law International. 15 (2-3): 77-96

Ethics review for international data-intensive research
Dove, E.S., Townend, D., Meslin, E.M., Bobrow, M., Littler, K., Nicol, D., De Vries, J., Junker, A., Garattini, C., Bovenberg, J., Shabani, M., Lévesque, E., & Knoppers, B.M. 2016 In : Science. 351 (6280): 1399-1400

Sharing Health-Related Data: A Privacy Test?
Dyke S.O.M., Dove E.S., Knoppers B.M. IN: npj Genomic Medicine 2016; 1, Article number 16024: 1–6. doi: 10.1038/npjgenmed.2016.24.

Streamlining Ethical Review of Data Intensive Research
Townend D., Dove E.S., Nicol D., Bovenberg J., Knoppers B.M.  BMJ 2016; 354: i4181.


Consent and Anonymisation: Beware Binary Constructions
Dove, E.S & Laurie, G. 9 April 2015 In: BMJ.

Liminality, possibility, and imperative: Performing the other in face transplantation
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The social licence for research: why ran into trouble
Carter, P., Laurie, G. & Dixon-Woods, M. 2015 In: Journal of Medical Ethics.