Liminal Spaces Team

The Liminal Spaces Project is based within Edinburgh Law School at the University of Edinburgh and involves an interdisciplinary team of researchers examining regulatory spaces across the entire spectrum of health research regulation.

To meet the team, watch our talking heads video here.

Principal Investigator

Professor Graeme Laurie
Professor of Medical Jurisprudence and Founding Director, Mason Institute (2012-2017)

Research Team

Dr Isabel Fletcher
Senior Research Fellow in Medical Sociology

Dr Agomoni Ganguli Mitra
Research Associate and Co-Director, Mason Institute

Ms Emily Postan
Early Career Fellow in Bioethics and Deputy Director, Mason Institute

Dr Nayha Sethi
Research Associate in Socio-legal Studies and Deputy Director, Mason Institute

Doctoral Candidates

Mr Edward Dove
Lecturer in Law (Risk & Regulation) and Deputy Director, Mason Institute

Ms Catriona McMillan
Liminal Spaces Project Research Assistant

Ms Annie Sorbie
Lecturer in Law (Medical Law and Ethics) and Deputy Director, Mason Institute